VPS Management Options

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VPS Management Options
Standard Fully Managed


Standard Support


Fully Managed

Full Server Administration

£16/ month

Operating System Updates
Initial Server Hardening
24 x 7 Server Monitoring
Backup & Secruity
Anti Virus Install & Configuration
Firewall Install & Configuration
Diaster Recovery
Snapshot Backups Weekly Every 3 Days
Software Updates & Patches
Server Administration
Software Installation
Software Configuration
BlackList Monitoring
DirectAdmin License
Remote Hands 140 Minutes
Support Features
Ticket Support
Live Support
Phone Support
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UK SSD server mangement

24 x 7 Server Monitoring.

Get Web Hosting also include a 24x7 server monitoring service in all of our Server Management packages, pinging your server every 25 seconds. If your server stops responding to our pings then a member of our server management team will be alerted immediately and will start an investigation on what’s caused the incident and resolve it as promptly as possible and then inform you with a detailed report on what had happened. Most of our Server management packages also include hardware resolution, so even if your server is down due to a hardware fault a member of our team will contact the datacentre to resolve the issue..

Server Administration & Advise.

Get Web Hosting Server Management also comes with Server Administration and advise with remote hands giving you access to a professional server administrator to fulfil any requests and tasks you have to do with your server. These tasks can be anything from Installing and configuring software from virus and malware removal, and if you run out of your monthly time allowance you can buy additional time for £20 per 30 minutes. You can also use your exclusive minutes to ask for advice and consultations about growing your infrastructure when you need it or making it more productive for you.

UK Linux KVM SSD VPS management
UK SSD VPS server management

Server Backup & Recovery.

Get Web Hosting server management comes with off site Backup & Restoration safeguarding all your important files and data on your server, so if worse was to ever happen to your server Powerful Box Server management team has your back! Backups are depending upon what server management package you have with us from weekly to daily however If you have your Server / VPS hosting with Powerful Box we will also include unlimited snapshots with your VPS, so you can take a snapshot of your server and restore it at any time from our client area within a few clicks!

Server Hardening & Security.

Get Web Hosting Server Management also comes includes server hardening and security which includes installing and configuring a firewall and anti-virus software. We will also take additional actions to secure your server such as changing the default port for SSH, closing any un-used ports and installing fail2ban etc to prevent your server from brute force attacks. Powerful Box server management also keep an eye on all major IP blacklists making sure your IP stays of them and takes action if your server ends up on one.

UK Linux KVM SSD VPS nvme management